12 Ways to NOT find your passion and live your dreams! | Alexander Hartmann

12 Ways to NOT find your passion and live your dreams!

by alex

In this Video I will show you my 12 best strategies on how to NOT find your passion and live your dreams!

#1 Be realistic.

Do not believe in yourself. Don’t make your goals too big. They could inspire you and – in the worst case – come true. The biggest danger is that they might lead you on new paths, where you might learn new things, discover new goals and bring out the best of you.

#2 Find good reasons (why stuff isn’t working).

To see them as excuses is wrong. Looking for „ways“ instead is totally 90’s. If you got really good reasons why something’s not working out, you’ll lose out on your dream – but at least you’ll have really good reasons.

#3 Don’t sing your own praises.

You have to be modest with things that you are really good at. It’s a virtue. That’s what we’ve learned. It’s important what other people think of you. You don’t want other people to think: „Who do you think you are?!“

#4 It has to be perfect.

No matter what you are doing it has to be perfect – if you aren’t sure that it’s going to be 100% perfectly perfect – then don’t even start.

#5 Focus on the money.

It’s called a job – not a passion. It has to pay the rent. Make sure that you concentrate on the money – then the fun will follow. It’s never been the other way round.

#6 Give up when it gets tough.

Setbacks are proof that you better leave it as it is. If anything goes wrong – cancel your mission of living your dream and do what everybody else does – it’s a proven strategy.

#7 Do what everybody else does.

It’s a proven strategy.

#8 If you do something it has to please everyone.

Do it to be loved. Don’t just do it because you love it. As long as you don’t manage to satisfy 100% of all people – you’re doing something wrong.

#9 Compare yourself with others who are in the business longer than you are.

That way you see what’s going bad in your business. That’s important for having good reasons on hand.

#10 Don’t surround yourself with people who share your passion.

It could inspire you, motivate you and in the worst case bring forward new ideas.

#11 Wait for permission to be successful and happy.

Very important: It’s not up to you to decide that you deserve to be happy and successful – or to simply do what fills your heart. A doctor needs a certificate to be allowed to do his work. So does a painter. And if you want to be happy – you must wait for somebody else to come along and tell you: „Now you have permission!“ Then you are allowed.

#12 The King’s road to missing out on your Dream:

Trust the good advice of people who are not where you want to go.

To fail, it is imperative to listen to what other people say. Because they know exactly what’s right for you. They walk in your shoes. Every day. If they haven’t been where you want to go, make sure you listen to them.

Cheers – Alexander

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