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My 1st Blogpost ever !!

by alex

Welcome to my Blog !! It’s an honor to have you here. Please watch the first video to see what this entire blog is about, learn about my personal story and what changes the understanding of 1 major principle made possible in my life!

In the second video I teach the one overarching principle that my work is based on – and that might help YOU create the reality you wanna live in:


You find the “online DVD” mentioned in the video here:


PS: Credit where credit is due: The Reality Loop was originally inspired by JAMES TRIPP who brought my attention to his wonderful work in the field of „Hypnosis without Trance“, and the concept of the HYPNOTIC LOOP, which describes a process of how to use Hypnosis without an actual Trance state. My doing was taking it a step further as I found it doesn’t just describe Hypnosis, but how we experience and interact with reality as a whole – and building a coaching model around that.

To check out James’ work go to:

I highly recommend it!!



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