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“Alexander Hartmann is one of Europe‘s leading Hypnosis and HighPerformance Trainers and Innovators.

As a Mentalist and Hypnotist Alexander has entertained over 30 Million people on national prime time television – and left more than 100.000 live audience members amazed and inspired by his keynote speeches about the power of the mind and his shows as a psychological entertainer.

For Alexander Hartmann success most definitely is NOT a “no-brainer“, but actually a series of strategies in which the mind plays a leading role. He now passes these strategies on to audiences all over the world.

London Paris St. Petersburg Reykjavík Stockholm Vienna Copenhagen Madrid – the youngest speaker in the history of Germany‘s prestigious „Top100 Speaker“ League takes his new approach to the “Neurology of Success“ to the international stage. Surprising audiences, by showing how easy success can be, when they realize what‘s actually driving their behaviour, thus their results - and what the new distinctions are, that define success in the 21st century. “

Let’s say… that’s what my press release would be telling you.

What me and this blog are all about – in unpolished words ? See for yourself ;-)

I’m heavily partial towards living a fulfilled life – whatever that means to you. Along my 10 year deep dive into the realms of personal development AND hypnosis, I have found that the two have hell of a lot in common: Hypnosis and HighPerformance.

So if you too think that life’s too short for anything less than living it YOUR way – you’ve come to the right place. Over the next months I will share as much as I can of what I learned along MY journey towards successfully living the life I wanted.

I’ll share all my personal experience, and the strategies that have let me go from “Starving Artist” to successful Entrepreneur, Author, and financially… happy, before the age of 30.

Mastering your Inner Game. Creating results and a fortune. Enjoying the Ride. 

Wanna join the ride? Welcome on board!


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