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12 Ways to NOT find your passion and live your dreams!

In this Video I will show you my 12 best strategies on how to NOT find your passion and live your dreams! #1 Be realistic. Do not believe in yourself. Don’t make your goals too big. They could inspire you and – in the worst case – come true. The biggest danger is that they might […]

The Bucket List – One thing that will change your life!

What would you do – if you knew, that your time on earth was limited? And what would happen – if that were not just another self-help-coaching maneuver that changed NOTHING, cause you went „ah well yeah, that’s an interesting thought.“ … again?  Welcome to another „technique“ that changed my life for good after I started […]

The Firestarter Smoothie

Today I wanna share something very concrete and pragmatic with you: How I start my day! THE FIRESTARTER SMOOTHIE. Vegan. Organic. Delicious. You will find the basic recipe of the Firestarter Smoothie HERE as a PDF download. Firestarter-Smoothie | Recipe with Blueberries 400 ml Oat Milk 100 g Blueberries 40 g Oats 20 g Amaranth […]

The “Reality Loop” – Physiology

Achieving higher levels of energy! I’ve broken my personal Energy Secret down into 3 concrete strategies. That I wanna share with you today!   (Für das deutsche Video/ For the German Version – click HERE) These are 3 of the strategies that allowed me to create the entire season 1 of my very own TV show, write […]

My 1st Blogpost ever !!

Welcome to my Blog !! It’s an honor to have you here. Please watch the first video to see what this entire blog is about, learn about my personal story and what changes the understanding of 1 major principle made possible in my life! In the second video I teach the one overarching principle that my work is […]