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The Bucket List – One thing that will change your life!

by alex

What would you do – if you knew, that your time on earth was limited?

And what would happen – if that were not just another self-help-coaching maneuver that changed NOTHING, cause you went „ah well yeah, that’s an interesting thought.“ … again? 

Welcome to another „technique“ that changed my life for good after I started LIVING it: 


Some of you might know the concept – others are in for a treat ;-) Both groups I ask: Are you living it yet?

What is the Bucket List? Very simple:

It’s a list of things you wanna do in life before… you kick the bucket.

In all transparency: You find mine below. 

Let’s face it – most adults today have one major problem:  A.D.S.  –>  The „Adventure-Deficit-Syndrome“.

Most adults forget to live their lives on purpose, to live it to its full potential and to do the things they love. Sounds familiar? At least sometimes? It did to me.

Now the bucket list ist not an entirely new concept. The term was beautifully coined and illustrated by the movie „The Bucketlist“, for which you’ll find the Trailer below. But something amazing happened when I got that idea of actually DOING it. (Crazy, isn’t it?!)

It’s hyper charging the REALITY LOOP all over again! (If you don’t know the Reality Loop yet – check out:

This time we’re entering the box on the lower left: EXPERIENCE. 

What would happen if you made your life changing experiences on purpose rather than by accident? Oh boy, are you in for a treat! Our experiences shape our inner programming and therefore control the direction in which our life will go. For that reason the video gives you 3 strategies how you can brainstorm and LIVE your bucket list:


How to brainstorm your Bucketlist? Here you go:


You must allow yourself to take every possibility into consideration. It’s enough time to think critically afterwards.


Look at other bucket lists and overcome the „blank-paper-fear“ – the fear of an empty and white paper.

For example visit:


Block time to brainstorm your bucket list where you only listen to yourself. No Facebook, no emails, nothing that could disturb you. 4 hours of brainstorming, of writing and getting inspiration.

Maybe you want to share this block-time with friends or with people who inspire you. Maybe you want to do it on your own. Either way: Take the time. And make it BLOCK TIME. 

Oh and: you don’t need to go for 100 – if that sets you under pressure choose any number, that you feel comfortable with. But often the vacuum of 100 brings up great creative forces within you ;-)


Your bucket list needs to be visible for you all the time. So that your subconscious mind can absorb the power of these ideas. Which way could you  make your list visible for yourself?

- Write it down and pin it on the wall.

- Get an account on and manage your list online.

- Use 100 pictures, each standing for one goal and pin them on the wall. Replacing them one by one, with your own photographs and memories.


Get Momentum ! Decide on 1 thing you can do TODAY - that will get you moving.

Pick 12 things you can do THIS YEAR. Get a calendar. Schedule them. 

If you’re the mastermind group kinda person: find people to do it with. Coach them through the basic process – then support each other. Perhaps even have bi-weekly meetings in your Bucketlist Group, where you plan step by step how to get going, achieve your goals and live your wildest ideas! 

Now the following is a bit personal,  and sometimes a bit crazy, but I wanted to share it with you guys, cause I know reading about other peoples dreams can be highly inspiring – and I’m convinced that our dreams are the last thing to be ashamed of. So here we go: 


  1. See the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  2. Ride in a hot air balloon
  3. See the Grand Canyon, Arizona
  4. Swim with dolphins
  5. Go on a photo safari in afrika
  6. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef
  7. Go on a helicopter ride
  8. Travel to the seven continents
  9. Go scuba diving
  10. Go sky diving
  11. Shower in a waterfall.
  12. Ride on an elephant
  13. Go on a road trip.
  14. Travel to Australia
  15. See the Seven New Wonders of the World
  16. Learn Russian
  17. New Years Eve at Times Square (New York)
  18. White water rafting
  19. Donate blood
  20. See Stonehenge
  21. Ride a camel
  22. canoeing or kayaking
  23. Experience weightlessness
  24. Machu Picchu, Peru.
  25. See the Yellowstone National Park
  26. See the Sistine Chapel
  27. Write a book and publish it.
  28. Have my own TV Show
  29. Ride a jet-ski
  30. Go to a Drive-In movie theatre.
  31. Fly 1st Class.
  32. Float in the Dead Sea
  33. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.
  34. Go to Disney World Resort (Florida), USA.
  35. Go paint balling
  36. See Lions in the wild.
  37. See elephants in the wild.
  38. Drive a race car
  39. Ride a Zip Line
  40. Get a tattoo
  41. Around the World Trip
  42. See the Victoria Falls
  43. Attend the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  44. Travel the United States
  45. See Times Square at Night, New York
  46. Go paragliding
  47. Travel Thailand
  48. Act in a movie.
  49. Cage dive with sharks
  50. Go to a huge Rockfestival
  51. Go on a Jungle trek
  52. See the Sydney Opera House
  53. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland.
  54. Go on a cruise in The Caribbean
  55. Play in a Band
  56. Speak at TED
  57. Drink with Tyrion Lannister
  58. Learn to play the ukulele
  59. Learn to play the Mandoline
  60. Spend a day blind
  61. Live in a beach house
  62. Travel for 1 year
  63. See the stars in the Savanna in Afrika
  64. Go to las vegas
  65. Learn to kiteboard
  66. Go on a Skidoo Ride
  67. Learn to ride a horse
  68. Learn Archery
  70. Build a school in Liberia
  71. Create a screenplay for a TV show
  72. Take the Ice Bucket Challange
  73. Live in a beach house
  74. Attend a Holi Party in India
  75. Drink (real) vodka in St. Petersburg
  76. Attend a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in Japan
  77. Dance barefoot in the Rain
  78. Drive an „51er Kapitän“
  79. Go to Bora Bora
  80. Go to Fiji
  81. Learn Sign Language
  82. Learn real Photography
  83. Found a foundation
  84. Attend the Secret Garden Party
  85. Go to Amsterdam
  86. Impact 10 people deeply in their lives
  87. Drink red wine in a Chateau in the Bordeaux region
  88. Spend a month offline. No Phone.
  89. Spend Christmas on a beach
  90. Really learn to play the piano
  91. Travel a month on ZERO Budget
  92. Create an enormous „painting“ on a huge canvas with lots of color
  93. Teach in Oxford
  94. Be an amateur magician
  95. Drive a 600 HP car
  96. Live on a houseboat once
  97. Be a superhero for one day
  98. Do a Firewalk
  99. Find 1 more thing – to get to 100 ;-)

The whole video as Mp3 as a download:

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