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The “Reality Loop” – Physiology

by alex

Achieving higher levels of energy!

I’ve broken my personal Energy Secret down into 3 concrete strategies. That I wanna share with you today!  

(Für das deutsche Video/ For the German Version – click HERE)

These are 3 of the strategies that allowed me to create the entire season 1 of my very own TV show, write a book for a major publisher and launch my blog  – all in 1 Year – while running a successful business. 

It’s simple: as a HighPerformer you need a HighPerformance Physiology. 

Our physical body is the medium through which we experience the world and even more importantly through which we experience the quality of our personal „reality“.

This is something i learned both in real life (the hard way) and through my knowledge about hypnosis: a huuuuge part of how your experience of reality is created depends on the conscious (or unconscious) use of your physiology. If your physiology isn’t up to speed – all mind-ninja-tricks in the world won’t do the trick.

So let’s take a deeper look into the PHYSIOLOGY BOX of the „The Reality Loop“! If you haven’t got it yet – check out my FREE online-DVD at: 

STRATEGY 1: Take care of your body! 

SLEEP! Again: basic – BUT: is common sense also common practice? How about you – are you getting enough sleep to load your body with energy? 

Alarm clock vs. Timer: I do not have an alarm clock. I’m living by a philosophy that I greatly enjoy: “You are supposed to wake up when you finished sleeping“. But sometimes we „need“ to get up earlier than “supposed“ to. In these cases I do the following: I set a TIMER. Not an alarm clock – a timer. It means that I always get my 8 hours of sleep regardless of when I went to bed. That is the way I can make sure that my body is full of energy even if I face high efficiency-months.

DRINK! Water of course and enough of it.  No need to go into detail here – right? ;-)

NOURISH YOUR TEMPLE! A healthy and nourishing diet is vital for a high-performance body! Healthy nutrition means different things to different people. Whether you choose to eat vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, (S)low-Carb or any other of a 1000 ways to do it … Find the right way – that suits you the most! Just make sure you eat CLEAN. Real foods. Vegetables. Fruit. Organic foods rather than processed foods. Reduce „white“ carbs. Don’t put Diesel into your Ferrari!

MEDITATE! Give yourself that gift of 20 minutes a day! 20 minutes that belong entirely to YOU. Meditate to fill up with energy, to find your inner strength and clarity. If you’re like me – you’re possibly already rolling your eyes – thinking to yourself „well yeah… but I’m just not that INTO meditation.“ And I get it – believe me  – I know EXACTLY what you mean. I’m having a very hard time sitting still for 20 minutes – this who know me, know what I’m saying ;-)

Here’s the 1 thing that transformed the mediation-part of my life. It’s another little gift for you. My favorite meditation CD. You can download it as an MP3 file here: 

STRATEGY 2: Use your physiology on purpose!

How can you use your physiology so that you can spin (yourself and) your Reality Loop into a HighPerformance state? My favorite strategy is to consciously use your physiology to generate feelings and energy, because:

     „The power plant doesn’t have energy – it generates energy.“ (Brenden Burchard)

What does that mean? There are certain body-anchors that can change our emotional state immediately. The anchors are:

  • Taking your Shoulders back
  • Smiling
  • Eyes wide open
  • Deep breaths
  • Speak loud, fast and with the right intonation

You will get the best impression of what I mean through the video!

STRATEGY 3: The Firestarter Smoothie!

This something small and very personal. It’s quite simply: how I start my day! 

In order not to overload this blog post you will find the video of me actually making the smoothie in less than 3 Minutes – and giving you the full recipe to download in the next blog post:

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See you in the next Video Blog ! 

Until then: 

Live Life on purpose – it’s probably the only one you have! ;-)

If you don’t enjoy watching videos or visualised content you can download the MP3 file to the video above HERE or by simply clicking the “white arrow” below. You can listen to the content as often as you like. Have fun!

Yours – Alexander


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